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Window Cleaning

Sully’s Power Washing doesn’t just show up with a bucket and a squeegee. We have invested in much more than that to make sure your windows are clean and looking their best when we leave.


What more do we offer?

For a start, we have 3 stage water filtration available to us. All water is run through a carbon filter, Reverse Osmosis, and De-ionized. Before the water ever touches your glass, we make sure that all dissolved solids have been completely removed from the water which provides the best spot free and streak free clean.

That water is then run to a carbon fiber “Water Fed” pole for exterior cleaning. Are you worried about those high up windows that you can never reach? Well that is no problem for us. That carbon fiber pole reaches 35 feet high and feeds that pure water up to a brush specially designed for both residential and commercial windows. This allows us to safely clean your property from the ground in most situations!

Do your screens need to be cleaned as well? No problem for us there either! We have a dedicated screen cleaner with bristles and nozzles built in to brush and rinse your screens quickly and effectively to get them looking great again. Even that huge patio door screen fits!

Do you want to take that a step further? We have all kinds of fun equipment for the inside of your property too! We have brushes designed to clean out window tracks and clean window sills. Are there high and hard to reach windows inside your house or building too? Again this is no problem for Sully’s Power Washing! We have indoor poles too. We even have one that allows us to spray that same purified water up to the higher windows and clean them from the ground or small step ladder in many cases too. Don’t worry, we only use a small bit of water inside your property, no hoses running to this one!

And then finally there is the remaining glass that you look out of at eye level every day. For those we do bring in the purified water, a tiny bit of soap to help the squeegee glide, and some microfiber cloths to make sure each window is detailed properly before moving to the next one.  

Put this all together and we are equipped to clean multi-level windows in both residential and commercial properties.

What Kind of Cleaning We Offer

We offer both interior and exterior residential and commercial window cleaning packages. 

Packages range anywhere from exterior only one time cleanings, to regularly scheduled full service interior and exterior packages with screen cleaning, tracks cleaned, and sills wiped down. We offer everything in-between as well. 

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