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Commercial Cleaning

Flat Surface Cleaning and Parking Lots

What is the first thing your customer will ever see when they approach your business other than the sign sticking up in the air? Obviously based on the pictures above, the answer to this question is your parking lot, sidewalks, and in many cases that dumpster pad next to the building.


People generally want to shop, eat, and work at clean places, and that appearance during the first approach to your business may just form a good or bad impression on your customers or employees forever. It may mean as much as the customer asking to themselves, “Do I stop here, or go to the place down the street instead?”


In addition to this, people want to be in safe environments when they are out. Grease is slippery. Petroleum based products are slippery, wet sidewalks covered in mold, mildew, algae and other growths are often very slippery. Sully’s Power Washing doesn’t just clean for looks. We also like to provide you with a safe environment for your customers and employees as well. A simple maintenance cleaning can save property owners a lot of time, money, and stress when the alternative may be medical and legal expenses. We always hope this will never happen to anyone, and this is why we want to help you prevent the worst from happening!

At Sully's Power Washing we have a variety of solutions available to us when it comes to ground work. Whether we're dealing with small amounts of mold or large amounts of petroleum based stains as you see above, we have solutions available to get rid of or lighten many stains. Many tough stains will get significantly better with regularly scheduled cleanings. 

We are also capable of removing or brightening paint stains/spills, rust, efflorescence, and grease. With our hot water, we can also add bubble gum removal in addition to any cleaning. If there is anything else that you need cleaned or removed just give us a call for a free estimate, and we will be happy to look at it and find a solution.  

Building Washing

Would you rather trust your commercial property with the lowest bidder, or a with company that has worked on many different types of properties? Your property is not cheap, and we understand that. Commercial properties also come with various safety concerns that the average residential job does not. Sully's Power Washing has years of experience cleaning various types of commercial buildings.

Whether it comes to the safety of your customers, or the safety of your employees or ours, we plan ahead on major projects and coordinate our safety and cleaning methods with you in advance to make sure that the job gets done right. We also plan for plant and property protection in advance to make sure that we deliver you the cleanest property with the best outcomes for everyone. 

As a 24 hour 7 day a week company, Sully's Power Washing also works around your business' schedule to make sure that we clean at the right times to cause minimal disruption to any part of the operations of your business. 


If your commercial building needs some work done call Sully's Power Washing no matter what type of surface you need cleaned!

As you can see above, this surface is EIFS. Lots of commercial buildings are made with this due to its incredible insulating properties. However, this surface is almost as delicate as Styrofoam covered by a very thin layer of a hard material. If you tap or knock on this surface with your hand, it will have a very hollow sound, revealing its limited structural integrity.  


A building owner, or company that doesn't understand this can tear through this in seconds with high pressure, leaving the property with thousands of dollars in damage and an insurance claim. With the solution used above by Sully's Power Washing, followed by a very light rinse, you can see that this takes almost a decade of dirt, mold, and grime right off!



Kitchen Exhaust

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Servicing a kitchen exhaust system is much more than just a simple cleaning. Things always look good when they are shined up in the visible areas, but that doesn't mean that everything operates as it should. Sully's Power Washing is a Phil Ackland Qualified Company. This means that we hold ourselves to a higher standard while servicing kitchen exhaust systems. 

Servicing a kitchen exhaust system starts with an inspection of your kitchen exhaust system. This will be a thorough check to verify that everything is working properly and complies with NFPA 96 standards. Cleaning is only a part of verifying that your system is in compliance. We are capable of installing access panels where necessary, changing fan belts and motors when needed, adding hinge kits, lights, light covers, and much more. 

After inspecting and verifying that your system is working properly, we will clean your system down to bare metal in all areas whether they are visible or not. This completes the process in verifying that you are compliant with fire safety standards. This is not only important to have done for purposes of avoiding fines, but can also significantly decrease the chances of having a fire causing serious damage to your property and putting lives in danger. 

A well maintained kitchen exhaust system will last much longer, prevent fires, and improve the safety and quality of your workplace. Contact Sully's Power Washing for a free inspection of your system. If you currently need a new service provider, or are looking a local hood cleaning service, please contact us today to set up a free inspection and estimate. You worry about the cooking, and we will worry about the rest!

Fleet Wash

Fleet Washing

Whether you are looking to keep your fleet looking clean from week to week, or prevent traffic stops for those dirty license plates and lights, Sully's Power Washing can help you out!

Having your fleets cleaned regularly by Sully's Power Washing can actually save you money in the long run. Just think, how many employee hours is your company paying for in order to keep those vehicles clean? Do they clean them on site or take them to an off site location? Remember to account for drive time to and from that offsite location, as well as cost of the offsite cleaning. This can add up very quickly to a lot of unnecessary money and time being spent on a service that Sully's Power Washing can come to your location and provide for you. 

We can come to your workplace while employees are gone, and have their vehicles cleaned and ready for them at the start of their next shift. Call us today for a free quote! 

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