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Residential Cleaning


Home Exterior Cleaning

Your home is likely your most expensive possession. Why trust that possession with anyone other than a proven company like Sully's Power Washing? We have been around for years and have the training, knowledge, and experience to get the job done right. 

Many people keep the inside of their homes clean because it not only looks better, but it is also great for the health and safety of all people living inside. Having your home's exterior cleaned is great for all the same reasons! A professional home exterior cleaning will get your home looking great again! It can also remove organic growth such as mold, mildew, nests, animal droppings, and other stains that can cause damage to exterior surfaces over time. This can also make the area a safer and healthier place to be too!

Sully's Power Washing cleans a variety of home exteriors including brick, stone, stucco, and siding.  We use a variety of methods and detergents to safely clean your house without causing damage.  We take great care in your home and use caution near ceiling fans, electrical outlets, and other outdoor items. Precautions are taken where necessary to prevent any damage from occurring to any property, plants, or animals.


Let us save you hours of time and possible mishaps by doing the hard work for you.  

Driveway and Flat Surface Cleaning

It is very important to keep the flat surfaces around your home clean. These are the areas where you and your guests walk to get from place to place on your property. Keeping these surfaces clean can reduce slip hazards in many areas, get rid of the nasty growth that can lead to allergies and other health concerns, plus it makes your property look great!


We clean driveways and most other hard surfaces using a 4 step process. First, we treat the stubborn areas on the surface we are cleaning with a solution. That solution will help us clean by starting to kill mold and other types of growth, while beginning to lift dirt up out of the pores of the surface. Next, we use a surface cleaner to clean the entire area. After the surface has been cleaned, we rinse away all the remaining dirt. After the driveway or other hard surface is cleaned, rinsed, and looking great again, we put down a final post-treatment solution. This treatment will sink down into the pores of the surface and kill any remaining organic growth as it dries into the surface over the next 1-2 hours. This will help ensure that the surface remains clean and bright as long as possible. 

Roof Cleaning

Add instant curb appeal to your home by allowing us to clean dark stains off your roof. Have you ever wondered what those stains are? In most cases, they are Gloeocapsa Magma (often times confused with algae), a bacteria that lands on your roof and begins to eat away at the shingles over years unless it is eliminated. By simply cleaning your roof, you can maximize the life of your roof instead of spending many thousands of dollars replacing it. Many people believe they need a roof replacement when they really just need a thorough roof cleaning. 

Not only does it add life to your roof, but it makes an immediate difference in the appearance of your home's exterior. Just look at the pictures above and ask yourself, if you were looking to buy these houses which ones would you be willing to put a higher offer on?


Rust Removal - Fence and Deck - Plus Add Ons

We are also able to remove or brighten a variety of stains. Whether its rust, oil, efflorescence, or anything else, we likely have a solution that will remove or lighten stains. 

We can also work on projects such as pergolas, outer buildings, wood, and other types of jobs that aren't attached to the home itself. If there is a surface that needs to be cleaned, let us know, and we will let you know what we can do for you!

All residential work comes with a 30 day guarantee, with the exception of roof cleanings, which come with a one year guarantee. All estimates are free. Contact us today so we can get started on your next cleaning project!


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