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Who We Are:


Hello Future Customer!

I am Chris Sullivan, and my wife Ashley and I have had the pleasure of owning and operating Sully’s Power Washing since 2016. We primarily serve the Bryan, College Station, and surrounding areas; however, we will also travel depending on the scope of work being requested.

We started the company in 2016 while I was working in my 10-year career as a local police officer. In 2017 I went full time with Sully’s Power Washing and haven’t looked back. We love our customers and employees, and I love what I do now.

We truly value our opportunity to work for our customers, and we know we are called when you are expecting the most positive and professional service experience available in our area.

Sully’s Power Washing is here to take exterior cleaning to the next level!

Sidenote: We just had two future power washers join our family in November of last year! They were born 3 and a half months early and had  124 day and 194 day NICU stays

Training and Safety:

Our cleaning can only be as good as our level of training allows. We are very aware that this includes not only our employees, but us as well.

It is for this reason that we have invested lots of time and money to make sure that we are trained properly in every service that we offer. We have traveled around the country going to the best events in the business and networking with many of the top performers in our industry.

Every employee is given an employee handbook on day one, and we make sure they know those books before they get started. Each employee is given an orientation day to learn our equipment and get issued their personal protective equipment (PPE). No employee goes out before being trained on the safe use of all equipment available to them.

When they do go out, they are accompanied by me (Chris) or a lead technician with the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the best service available. Repetition is the best form of developing an employee’s long term memory, so each employee must demonstrate proper techniques multiple times before being able to do any job or assignment alone.

Safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority. Without practicing safe techniques the job may never get done at all. And as a former police officer, I have seen that lack of safety can lead to dangerous outcomes. While every situation in life cannot be avoided, we strive to keep ourselves out of danger as much as we possibly can!


About our Equipment:

Sully’s Power Washing has a large variety of equipment available to us at all times.

We have everything available to us to get the smallest job all the way up to large multi-story projects done right. We have both hot and cold water units, as well as numerous application methods to use with each piece of equipment. Whether it comes to the tip sizes, ball valves, dedicated soft wash equipment, we have everything needed to properly control water volume and pressure at all times. This allows as to make sure that all surfaces are cleaned using the best methods for those surfaces.

As mentioned above, we do have dedicated soft washing equipment that allows us to properly clean shingles and other delicate surfaces without causing damage or voiding warranties.

We also have varying lengths or lances for proper reach, multiple types of ladders necessary to get to where we need to be safely, surface cleaners to clean up flat surfaces in less time while giving better results, and so much more!

Sully’s Power Washing also has de-ionization, reverse osmosis, carbon filters, TDS meters, a dedicated screen cleaner, as well as indoor and outdoor extendable waterfed poles. All that combined with our microfiber cloths, squeegees, and a tiny bit of soap, we can provide the interior and exterior window cleaning, with the purest form of water available to us.

And for our commercial kitchens, we have duct scrapers, a duct spinner, rotary nozzles, tarping, and all of the other equipment necessary to provide you with the best outcome on your kitchen exhaust or vent hood cleaning.

We have electric pumps available for proper sealing techniques. Also we have a generator, transfer pumps, submersible pumps, storm gutter guards/filters, and so much more to keep water moving to the right place and in the right direction at all times. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it here: we have worked hard to grow this business over the past few years so you can be assured that when you dial that number, you can have piece of mind knowing that you have selected the right company, with the right equipment to get your job done properly and take exterior cleaning in our area to the next level!


More About What We Do

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